Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5-11

With new releases...

September 6th;

This week is another slow week in the record release category...

George Strait
Here for a Good Time

Well, this is only the 39th studio album from George Strait. The man is a country legend. He co wrote 11 songs on this album and the title single off of the album, Here for a Good Time, debuted at number 29 on the Billboard charts, the second highest debut of his career. The man is still going strong at his age. He also recorded the album at the same studio in which he recorded his last three albums.

Lindsey Buckingham
Seeds We Sow

For those of you who don't know who this is, Lindsey used to be one of the lead singers of Fleetwood Mac. He is also famous for the song Holiday Road, that is featured in the National Lampoon's Vacation movies. That being said, I had no idea he was still performing. I can't imagine this music is relevant to today's standards. Who knows, I could be wrong. Purchase at your own risk.

In review...

Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm With You
This album is definitely not as good as Stadium Arcadium but I liked it. The album carries a traditional Chili Pepper's sound that can be heard on their most recent albums. I guess I still miss the Chili Peppers of old, with aggressive bass lines and energetic performances. I guess that's what happens when you get old, they have slowed down and become more of a professional band. I am not sure that there will be any other singles other than The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie but there were several I liked. Chili Peppers fan will enjoy this I am sure but if you aren't a huge fan, you can probably get away with buying the single online.

Lil' Wayne
Tha Carter IV
 I think some time in prison may have done Lil Wayne some good. I have never been a huge Lil Wayne fan, but, was very impressed with the complexity and depth of the lyrics. On several occasions, I had to listen twice just to catch the actual meaning. I was somewhat disappointed with the complexity of the beats but I am sure this would be a good album to play at high volumes on a good system. It is more of the same Lil Wayne, just with more lyrical prowess. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this one. Enjoy!

Jay-Z & Kanye West
Watch the Throne
I have said this before, I get nervous about big name collaborations. I felt strongly that this one would be good though. These are the two biggest artists on the label and the album supports this. I wasn't entirely sure how the album would be put together and which artist the album would lean toward. After listening, I think it is a good mix for both artists and both styles are strongly supported. For me, it was also an interesting feel of classic hip-hop and modern style. I am not sure there is much to say here. When it comes to these artists, you either like this or you don't. If you like this, go out and get the album, you will enjoy.

Various Artists
Muppets: The Green Album
Anything that has to do with the Muppets....I'm game. This is a collection of popular Muppet tracks done by modern artists. This album features OK Go, Weezer and Hayley Williams, The Fray, Amy Lee, Matt Nathanson, The Airborne Toxic Event, My Morning Jacket and more. This is just a fun album. Both kids and adults should be able to enjoy this. I recommend this to anyone who wants classic Muppets with a modern flare.

Lenny Kravitz
Black & White America
I have to admit that this was better than his last couple of albums, for me anyway. With this album, you get classic Lenny sound with more of a retro feel. It has more of a funk undertone that most of his other stuff. I think the album lacks marketable singles but is a reliable reference to Lenny's unique sound. Unless you are a Lenny fan, you may want to pass on this album and get something of his that is stronger, like the album 5.

This weeks throwback albums...

Big Daddy Kane
It's a Big Daddy Thing
There was a time in the rap world when Big Daddy Kane was the bees knees. He was the coolest of the cool and the illest of the ill. I think he is often overlooked for what he contributed to the rap game. He was one of the pioneering forces in the genre and did a whole lot to bring rap to the forefront. He was smooth and had crazy lyrical game. This was his best selling album and featured such classics as Smooth Operator, Calling Mr. Welfare and Pimpin' Ain't Easy. Another must for collectors and a classic piece of rap history. Ch-check it out.

Eric Clapton
This is the second unplugged album I have had in this section after Nirvana. This one I feel is just as important. This marked a resurgence in the career of Eric Clapton. While he never really went anywhere, his popularity definitely waned. This set featured the song Tears In Heaven, which was written about the loss of his son, and went on to be a major hit. It also marked the revival of many classic rockers such as Neil Young and Tom Petty. This helped the MTV generation learn to appreciate some of the music that never had the marketing power of music video.

You oughtta know...

The Pistol Annies

The Pistol Annies are a country music supergroup consisting of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. They formed after performing for the Academy of Country Music's "Girl's Night Out" special in April. They have just released their first album,. Hell On Heels and a single of the same name. I learned about these guys on Sunday (thanks Beth) and loved it immediately. I had to share the wealth. Get on this train while it is pulling out of the station because it may be hard to catch when it gets to full speed.

This week in history...

September 9th;
Elvis makes his debut on the Ed Sullivan Show

September 7th;
The Who drummer Keith Moon dies of a drug overdoes

Happy Birthday...

September 5th;

Dweezil Zappa
How did this guy ever get to date Lisa Loeb?

Loudon Wainwright III

Freddy Mercury

September 6th;

Webster Gradney Jr. (Webbie)

Inga Marchand (Foxy Brown)

Victor Santiago (N.O.R.E./Capone-n-Noreaga)

CeCe Peniston
"...finally, it's happened to me. I turned 42 and I just cannot hide it...."

Macy Gray
Now it is more than a name it's an adjective.

Mark Chesnutt

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

September 7th;

Eric Wright (Eazy-E/N.W.A)

LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band)

Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)

Gloria Gaynor

Buddy Holly

September 8th;

Cameron Thomaz (Wiz Khalifa)

Stayve Thomas (Slim Thug)

Alicia Moore (Pink)

Patsy Cline

September 9th;

James Tapp Jr. (Soulja Slim)

Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics)

Otis Redding

September 10th;

Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

Antonio Hardy (Big Daddy Kane)

Jose Feliciano
If you don't think Feliz Navidad is the catchiest Christmas song of all have no soul.

September 11th;

Chris Bridges (Ludacris)

Harry Connick Jr.

Richard Mellville Hall (Moby)
"...and Moby you can get stomped by 46 yr old bald headed...."

Vic Wooten