Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27 - June 2

With new releases...

Death Cab for Cutie
Codes and Keys
This Indie band has been growing in popularity, especially within the Emo culture. They burst onto the scene with singles like, Soul Meets Body and I Will Follow You Into the Dark. The band claims that this album will be less centered around guitars as previous albums. They have already released their first single, You Are a Tourist, available online and on Itunes. Since the acoustic guitar sound is one of the things I like most about this band, I will be cautious about running out to get it. I hope that reducing their guitars won't be a Death-trap for Cutie.

Eddie Vedder
Ukulele Songs
This will be Vedder's second solo album, following Into the Wild. Last album had a strong folk/grass roots sounds, which is somewhat of a departure from the more rock oriented Pearl Jam. Last album was for the movie of the same title. I would expect this album to be more of an acoustic, folk driven sound. The album is said to be a mix of original work and covers. I have been a huge Pearl Jam fan since the first time I heard them and will always support Vedder's solo projects.

Flogging Molly
Speed of Darkness
Of course, being Irish, this is the album I am most looking forward to this week. For those of you who have never listened, they are an interesting blend of traditional Irish music and modernized punk. Who doesn't like bagpipes and electric guitar....wait don't answer that...just check them may be surprised... They are often considered an inferior version of Dropkick Murphy's. However, I think Flogging Molly is equally as good and contributes their own bit to music. HOMETOWN SHOUTOUT! This album was recorded at Echo Mountain, an old church building in Asheville, NC. It was produced by Ryan Hewitt who has worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers and our very own Avett Brothers.

Other popular artists with releases this week; Jordan Knight, Kate Bush, and My Morning Jacket

In music...

Tyler the Creator - Goblin
I reviewed this album on the recommendation of one of my few faithful followers. I am glad I did. I guess to sum up this album in one word...sinister. The album is basically produced by Tyler himself which is refreshing by today's hip-hop standards. The material is definitely raw and often times dark. It is refreshing to hear hip-hop with some substance instead of all the flish-flash that is in rap culture today. I must admit, at first it struck me as a little odd, but as I listened it grew on me. Check this album out as it is a return to some of the rawness of where hip-hop came from. Tyler is also a member of Odd Future which recently made their debut on the Fallon Show. If you like Tyler the Creator you will like Odd Future who should be putting out a studio album in the near future.

Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy
Everyone is probably familiar with the single, Written In the Stars, which I included below. Tinie Tempah is one of the upcoming artists out of the UK. Personally, this is not my style of music. This is exactly what I think is wrong with "rap" these days. You can hear that Tempah has some potential with his delivery but lacks substance. The whole album is definitely relevant to the trend in music today, I just have no use for high energy rap-ish artists. Most likely, if you like the current music of today and its relevance to club music, you might like this. However, if you are like me, and like the more traditional hip-hop music, this album falls well short. Purchase the single from Itunes and move on. Check out more authentic UK hip-hoppers like The Streets. This to me was more like Career-Overy.

Christina Perri - Lovestrong
Christina Perri was a struggling musician out of Philadelphia. She got her big break when her song, Jar of Hearts, was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. Since that time, she has continued to gain popularity and her single has skyrocketed up the charts. I have included the video for it below. Her album shows her potential as a haunting song writer. She has obviously been through some tough times in her life as outlined in the lyrics on the album. As always, I encourage you to support a "starving artist." Always remember, her hit is called Jar of Hearts, not Jar O' Farts....that goes over poorly when making requests.

This weeks throwback albums...

Lost Boyz - Legal Drug Money
This week I bring you another classic hip-hop album. These guys had a rough New York style groove to them. This album brings you classics like Renee; Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz; Music Makes Me High and Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless. Mr. Cheeks was always the lyrical poet of the group, but the loss of Freaky Tah took away the grit and grime that gave the group their edge. If you haven't heard this album. give it a listen.....I have included the video of Renee.

*please excuse the half-naked chick at the beginning of the video. I didn't know she was there when I posted this.

Silverchair - Frogstomp
When these guys came on the scene in the mid 90's there was little like them. This Australian group was young, talented, and rocked just as hard as anyone in the industry. This album was put together when these guys were just 15. 15!!! Listen and tell me that doesn't blow your mind. For those of you who are more familiar with the newer Silverchair, ie; White Lines, this album shows you just how different they used to be. They definitely rocked. They fell off in popularity for a while and I am glad they are regaining some of their fame. Check out Pure Massacre, Tomorrow and Israel's Son.

In Charlotte...

Bojangles Coliseum
No current music events

NC Music Factory

Fountain Plaza

Friday, May 27th;
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

These guys were part of that Big Band resurgence in the late 90 early 00's. They are comparable to the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Squirrel Nut Zippers. You may recognize Go Daddy-O or You and Me and a Bottle Makes Three Tonight. They were also featured in the epic movie Swingers with Vince Vaughn and John Favreau. So Zoot Suit it up and go see 'em. I included a live sample of when they performed on Dancing with the Stars.....I don't watch that show...I swear.....


The Fillmore

Tuesday, May 31st;
Panic! At the Disco
These guys are another popular band within the Emo movement. They have had chart success with Nine In the Afternoon and I Write Sins Not Tragedies. They should put on a pretty good show. Check them out if you get the chance.

Wednesday, June 1st;
These guys are weird....for my taste anyway.....the music is different and is very reliant on the bass guitar. They have had hits with Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Jerry was a Racecar Driver, and My Name is Mud. They are also responsible for singing the opening theme for South Park. I can only imagine that this show would be highly entertaining.

Uptown Amphitheater

Thursday, June 2nd;
ZZ Top
I am not gonna talk too much about these guys....If you don't know who ZZ Tops is, you are too young. Anyone who lived through the 80's knows these guys. In addition, I heard it was a law that if you have a beard, you have to go support these guys. By now, they should know how to entertain a crowd.....should be fun.

Ovens Auditorium
No current music events

Time Warner Cable Arena
No current music events

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Thursday, June 2nd;
Kenny Chesney
Kenny Chesney is one of the biggest country music stars in the world.....period.....His albums always go number one and sell a gazillion copies.....I do get tired of him showing off his belly button though...STOP. I have heard his shows are really good. Go see him. I am sure you will have a good time....He may be Jimmy Buffet's illegitimate son.

Amos' Southend

Friday, May 27th;
Sugar Glyder
I have no idea what kind of music these guys perform. If you go, please write in and let us know how they were.

Thursday, June 2nd;
Steel Pulse
Again, I have no idea what kind of music these guys do....I would guess that do to the Steel in their name, it could be Caribbean or Calypso. Let me know.

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