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June 17-23

With new releases...

Jill Scott
The Light of the Sun
Jill Scott is one of the pillars of the neo-soul movement. She is also a three-time Grammy Award winner. It will be her first release on a new label. She has already released a successful single, So In Love, which is a duet with Charlotte native, Anthony Hamilton. Jill Scott is very talented and if you have any interest in soul music at its best, check it out

Sorry for Party Rocking
The guys made a name for themselves touring with Black Eyed Peas. You may know their hit song, Shots. I dislike this band strongly. I think the content of their music is ridiculous and pointless. I may have liked an album about senseless partying when I was 14, but I am an adult now and therefore will happily pass this album by on the shelf. These guys are like a far less talented, special needs version of the Black Eyed Peas.

Michael Bolton
Gems: The Duets Collection
Another Michael Bolton album. Yippee! What is better than Michael Bolton singing....yep...Michael Bolton singing with a partner. I admit, the man does have a good voice.......circa 1991. If you are still listening to Michael Bolton......well......I am sorry, there may be no hope for you. I am sure you and your cats will be very happy together.

Planet Pit
This could be the most anticipated album release of the week. Their may be nobody hotter in music right now than Pitbull. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. This album has already spawned two hit singles, Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) and Give Me Everything. I imagine this album will be hot, good beats, decent lyrics and lots of good guest appearances. Definitely worth checking out.

Simple Plan
Get Your Heart On!
This Canadian pop-punk band usually puts out a good product. It is speculated that their first single off of the album will be You Suck at Love, as they have played this regularly at live shows. They have also announced shooting videos for Can't Keep My Hands Off You and Astronaut. This album also contains guest appearances by some pretty heavy hitters, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Natasha Bedingfield. This album should be worth checking out.

Weird Al Yankovic
Ok, maybe it is the geek in me but I can't help that I love Weird Al. Whether you want to admit it or not, he is a music icon. Therefore, I will listen to whatever he puts out. I am not a huge fan of his polka music but I do love the parodies. If I was a musician, I hate to say it, but this is the kind of music I would make, sans the polka of course. Give it a listen, if nothing else, it will be entertaining.

With music...

Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
This is the fifth studio album from the South African band. This album debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts, and after listening, I would agree. Country Song has already been released as a successful single. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Tonight will be the next single. This album, while far less metal or hard rock than previous albums, is still very good. It is solid from start to finish. I think it could be appealing to everyone. I will be interested to see if I am right about the next single. Let me know what you think. This is the best album I have listened to since Fleet Foxes. Go get it!

Rating: 5/6

Arctic Monkeys
Suck It and See
I kind of talked this album up a little and therefore will try to review it unbiasedly. I was immediately a little disappointed. The raw underground English sound that I have come to love with the Monkeys seemed to have moved into the studio. The sound was much more refined and polished. You can hear their efforts at greater harmonies and attempts at a more commercial appeal. The album has not yet sparked a single and after listening, I don't think it will. That is not news for this band as they rarely have a commercially successful single. As with the previous three albums, it took several listens to sink in. For this reason, I will still give the album a decent rating. If you are not a current fan of this band, get their old stuff. Don't start listening to them based on this album. If you are already a fan, you may like it based on the fact that it is an Arctic Monkeys album. I am a little disappointed but it could be worse.
Rating: 3/6

The Airborne Toxic Event
All at Once
This indie band from CA came onto the scene with the hit single, Sometime Around Midnight. They mesh a very satisfying blend of rock and orchestral arrangements. They remind me a little of The Killers. This album has already charted the single, Changing. After listening to the album, I am not sure this will produce another commercially popular single, but the album was very good, top to bottom. I would recommend this album for anyone who likes rock or indie music. They seem like they have stay power and could be around for a while.

This weeks throwback albums...

Business Never Personal
EPMD was a rap duo from New York consisting of Erick Sermon "E" and Parrish Smith "Parrish Making Dollars or PMD." Erick Sermon of course went on to be a successful solo artist and member of the Def Squad along with Keith Murray and Redman. This EPMD spawned their biggest commercial success with Crossover. This album is a must have for any rap fan. Shortly after making this album, money troubles broke up the band and they reunited in 1997.

Kid Rock
Devil Without a Cause
This marked the first true "rock" album released by Kid Rock. It was his first attempt at a crossover career from rapping. Needless to say, it blew everyone away. The album charted five top 40 singles. Five top 40 singles on a debut rock album!!! This album went 11x platinum....11 times!!! With that many copies in circulation, don't be surprised to hear your grandparents rocking out to this album behind closed doors.

This week in history...


June 19, 2001

From Chaos

Devil's Night

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

I'm Already There

Stone Temple Pilots
Shangri-La Dee Da

Widespread Panic
Don't Tell the Band


June 18, 1991

3rd Bass
Derelicts of Dialect

Van Halen
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge


June 19, 1981

Oingo Boingo
Only a Lad

June 23, 1981

Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club

In Charlotte...

Amos' Southend

Friday, June 17th;

Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Saturday, June 18th;

A Road Eternal

Bojangles Coliseum

No current music events

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

Friday, June 17th;

BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet

NC Music Factory

The Fillmore

Friday, June 17th;

Owl City & Mat Kearney

The Saloon

Wednesday, June 22nd;

The Fabulous Swingin' Richards

Ovens Auditorium

No current music events

Time Warner Cable Arena

No current music events

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Friday, June 17th;


Wednesday, June 22nd;

Def Leppard & Heart
"The drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm......The drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm......The drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm......The drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm!"-Jimmy Pop

Visulite Theatre

Friday, June 17th;

Jon Lindsay

Saturday, June 18th;

The Sammies

Tuesday, June 21st;

James McMurtry

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